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    Directly from the Cacao tree groves.

    Bean-to-bar artisanal criollo chocolate



    Who Whe Are

    The name ki´XOCOLATL was chosen in recognition of the two great pre-Hispanic cultures that dominated the cultivation of cacao, and which gave us the modern name for chocolate.

    KI = delicious (Yucatec Maya)
    XOCOLATL = Chocolate (Nahuatl)

    In Mexico, the Olmecs, Mayas and Aztecs drank a bitter beverage made of cocoa combined with chile, achiote, allspice and other spices. At first, this beverage was reserved for the nobility and priests, but the commoners also rapidly fell in love with this frothy brew. One reason was that cacao itself was readily accessible  for religious and mercantile purposes and  was used during religious ceremonies, sacrificial rituals and as everyday currency.

     This love for cocoa ultimately led the indigenous peoples of Mexico to discover the stimulating qualities of Theobroma cocoa, as well as the therapeutic properties of cocoa butter long, before modern science.

     ki´XOCOLATL was established by Mathieu Brees and Stephanie Verbrugge in 2002 in Mérida, Yucatan.
    Of Belgian origin, both were educated in the culinary sciences in Liège (Belgium).
    After several adventures and exhausting work, they  developed a brand of Premium chocolates made from Criollo cocoa and 100% mexican ingredients.
    This line of premium quality chocolates is offered to the public in attractive packaging that  boasts an original approach that marries modern chocolate-making techniques with the legendary practices of the Maya culture.


    Our Job

    ki´XOCOLATL is one of the few chocolatiers anywhere in the world that works directly with the cocoa bean. Since 2001 the founders have traveled thousands of miles throughout Mexico in search of the best purveyors of the premium cocoa bean, THE CRIOLLO.

    Today our facilities in Mérida house the best Criollo harvested in  Chiapas and Tabasco.

    Our production facilities are state-of-the-art and comply with the strictest quality and hygiene standards found  anywhere in the world.

    Upon arrival each shipment of organic cocoa is selected, roasted, ground, refined, conched and tempered under the same roof. Only exceptional quality ingredients are accepted, in order to create the highest quality products.

    At ki´XOCOLATL we make several chocolates, from traditional chocolate bars to the most elaborate "praline" delicacies. Only ingredients of exceptional quality are used in order to create the highest quality product. Vanilla, pink peppercorn, oregano, coffee, cardamom and  other ingredients  used in our chocolate are  premium products found in Mexico.




    72% Min

    with spices

    72% Min

    with cocoa

    36.6% Min

    with pink

    72% Min

      Dark chocolate, with lima lime and almonds

    72% Min
      Milk chocolate with baked corn chips

    36% Min
    chocolate, with oregano
    and almonds

    50% Min
    with organic
    coffee beans

    72% Min

    Body Lotion Liquid Soap Shampoo

    Body Scrub


    Body Scrub
    Chocolate Cinammon


    Body Scrub
    Chocolate Cardamom


    Body Scrub
    Chocolate Mint




     Chocolate figures

    Marzipan rolls covered in dark chocolate

     Yucatan Honey with cocoa beans

    Mix powder with cocoa and coffee


    Chocolate bonbons

    Chocolate bonbons

     Chocolate bonbons Milk chocolate covered cocoa beans & Spicy dark chocolate covered coffee beans
     Kit Mini spacocoa powder, cocoa beans & mexican drink chocolate



    ki´XOCOLATL products comply with Organic Certification standards for mexican cocoa. 

    ki´XOCOLATL specializes in artisanal bean-to-bar semi-sweet chocolate offering  a collection of chocolate bars weighing 80 grams (2.82 ounces) that are inspired by  ingredients native to the Mexican Republic, including the pink peppercorn of Veracruz, oregano from Yucatan, and coffee from Oaxaca.  ´

    For professional chocolatiers, ki´XOCOLATL also makes available a line of coverture, including Premium 70% cocoa, milk and white chocolate (25 kg or 55 lb. boxes), alkaline cocoa powder (25 kg  or 55 lb boxes), cocoa butter (25 kg or 55 lb. boxes), cocoa paste (25 kg or 55 lb. boxes), and cocoa beans; and also features  a full line of pralines (bonbons made of  various types of chocolate). Our chocolate are made following Belgian tradition, using century old recipes to create authentic European coverture of the same high quality as that created near Brussels, Belgium by Belcolade Company.

    ki´XOCOLATL has also in recent years developed a new line of cosmetic and spa products based on  cocoa and cocoa butter. 

    This line of products, ki´XOCOLATL SPA, includes shampoo, moisturizing lotion, chocolate soap ... all yours to discover!





    North Boutique:
    Centro Comercial Boulevares Plaza
    C. 49 X 32 local 17
    Cp. 97116
    Mérida, Yucatán
    Tel: (999)9484738
    Monday-Saturday: 11 am- 20 pm
    Sunday: 11 am-7 pm
    Historic Centrum:
    calle 60 X 55 Parque Santa Lucia Local 5
    Colonia centro cp. 97000
    Mérida, Yucatán
     Monday- Saturday 9 am-14.30 pm  &
     4.30- 11 pm
    Sunday : 9 am -18 pm
    Hotel Rosas & Xocolate Hotel
    Paseo de Montejo, n. 480 X 41
    colonia centro
    cp. 97000 Mérida, Yucatán
    tel: 924.29.92







     In it´s search for only premium products, ki´XOCOLATL began to work in direct collaboration with cacao growers in Chiapas and Tabasco
    The PLANTACIÓN TICUL (TICUL GROVES) project  was born of this collaboration, launched in 2008 in a area comprising 289 hectares (714 acres) in the southern area of Yucatán State.  The first phase consisted of planting more than 36,000 Criollo cacao trees (White Ivory Criollo cacao).

    In collaboration with Belcolade, a Belgian chocolate company, the principal objectives of the project are:

    - Conserve Criollo varieties indigenous to Mexico
    - Respect for the flora and fauna indigenous to the region through a sustainable cultivation of organic products in the tropical forest
    - Provide local villagers with good jobs, with full health, retirement, vacation benefits together with a Living Wage
    - Promote the cultivation and consumption of mexican Criollo cocoa and educational programs with the inauguration of the "Eco Museo del Cacao Maya" in 2011 (See: www.ecomuseodelcacao.com)
    - Encourage research and development through the establishment of a center for the cacao study.